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We like to come in contact with investors white  ( toekomst version )  to build dormitories/ hotels on the surfing beats in different places in the Philippines.Many overseas surfing tourists stay 4 to 6 weeks and like to pay only 500 Philippines pesos = 8.26 euros. For the tourist from Manila 500 pesos is a super good price for a night. 
The project is a low-budget hotel.  We started to build 20 rooms and a reception with a 24 /7 bar.After a year booked out, we can build a second floor with 20 more rooms. All rooms do not have TV or toilet/shower, only accordion, and internet and 2 single beds.  MAX 3 people. The price from 500 peso,s is exclusief the power for the aircom en licht the guest ussing.Housekeeping. The housekeeping and bar busyness is not your busyness and you are not Sheerin in the cost for housekeeping or power or water bill.The Philippine law? If a foreigner can own land and a building, the investor must buy the ground and pay for the building.How much is the investment and how much is the profit?The investment will be 80 to 110.000 euros the profit?  356 days,s x P. 500 = 8.26 euros x 20 rooms = ca. 60.000 a year.From this amount, we take 30 % as managers. Your NETTO profit will be 42.000 euros pro year TAX FREE.When you are interested you need to come for at least 5 days to the location to buy the ground and contract builder after this we can do it online.The money you invest must be legal.Info   Marc Staal directeur from the R.L.A. building company in the Philippines ( Nederlander )

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